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Wolff’s works celebrate a different side of Pollock, one without the control and intention that was crucial to Pollock’s art. Every dot, line, shape, and color, along with the textures and lines in the wooden floor of Jackson Pollock’s Studio floor was placed there unintentionally, and sometimes accidentally by Pollock himself.  The abandoned paint commanded Wolff’s attention as he captured what he saw in relatively poor light for his new camera. The resulting photos, taken in the studio in natural light on a cloudy day, were fairly documentary and not particularly noteworthy. Read more
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Thank you for joining me!  The art on this site represents over 50 years of travel and creativity. Please visit often as neither the travel nor creativity has stopped, and I will continue to add new creations as inspiration drives me to photograph and transform new image. Subjects call out to me from underwater, the streets, the sky, wind in sails,  and even left over paint. Although I got my first camera back in 1966, a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic (complete with flash cubes), sometime around 2008 I came to the realization the a capture mindset severely limited my art. The need to perfectly capture an image in the camera when I snapped that shutter evolved, thanks to Photoshop, into my current Create mindset. Every time I lift a camera to my eye, my thoughts jump to the possibilities that a final image might inherit. As I said, please take the time to enjoy the images here and come back often. Thank you! Alex M. Wolff Read more
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