Underwater Dreaming

A childhood filled with visions by Jacques Ives Cousteau, Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt, Flipper and Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, led to a lifetime pursuit of underwater adventures, including time as a SCUBA diving instructor and bottom time in places as diverse as New York City, Plymouth England, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Florida, The Bahamas, and so many places.

Beneath the waves there are so many different creatures and environments, each with their own behaviors and beauty, calling to me and my cameras. From the smallest of creatures like banded coral shrimp to whale sharks and whales themselves, my fascination never ends, and I share them here, with you.

The Underwater Dreaming Collection is available in print in whole or in part, as decorative art and fine art in any size, and on any media ranging from posters to photographic papers including archival metallic prints, on aluminum, canvas and acrylic. Each piece is printed to order and specifications. Our fine art editions on archival metallic paper are limited to 100 prints in the 17″x22″ size, and 30×40 inch metallic canvas, with one off limited editions to meet your esthetics.

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